Creative Enthusiasm

Trainings in Creative Enthusiasm

Our KAT-Space is an invitation to explore your creative power.
KAT means Creativity as a driving force (Kreativitaet als Triebkraft). Creativity is a journey towards authenticity but also an exposure to your hindering and empowering belief around innovation and creativity.

At KAT we offer different approaches to your meet your creative journey. Our focus is set on the Painting Game, which builds on a technique discovered nearly seventy years ago by Arno Stern. What is particular about the painting is that there are no limits within a space of a few but strict rules.

The painting game allows you to paint in whichever format you like. Extensions of your initial canvas can exceed any format and any time frame. It may well be that your exploration of a painted object may never conclude. On the other hand, there is not painting that will ever leave the protected space of the painting game.

It is precisely this experience of going beyond a limit within a protected space that allows you to unlock your creative confidence.

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