Creative Enthusiasm

Creativity is the source of independent thinking. It is a muscle to be trained regularly by assessing how your convictions about what is useful and relevant come about and to pass beyond them.

Training your creativity is a journey towards authenticity but also an exposure to your hindering and/or empowering values, beliefs, and assumptions affecting your capacity to innovate and problem-solve.

By training your creativity, you become more agile in your work processes. Sudden changes in your work or daily life become less threatening. Confidence in your ability to cope is stabilised. The ability to find joy is increased. The result is; a better flow in life, which is our ultimate creative process.

In my trainings I offer regular sessions of the Painting Game by Arno Stern, as well as a 12-weeks program, which combines  tailor-made interventions with scientific input on how “Creativity” works. Depending on the need, I also offer one-on-one coaching.

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