About us

Paititi Lab was built by a tribe of artists, scientists and entrepreneurs collaborating to put a life in balance with nature and solidarity among people into action.

We join hearts and minds through film and knowledge exchange and invite people to undertake collaborative design projects.

Paitití Lab arose from over twenty years of experience in communication, research and international collaboration. Founded in Zurich through the merger of Lelandesign and Geonex Knowledge Media, Paitití Lab is a media and social entrepreneurship venture.

We have working experience in 30 countries and fluidity in 5 languages, cooperating with international as well as locally appointed teams. The core mission of Paitití Lab is to create evidence-based impact in the fields of sustainability and social change by combining pragmatic, bottom-up entrepreneurship with aware- ness building through the arts.

Paititi Lab is about the Business of Intermediation.

Sonja Schenkel,  PhD –  Linkedin


Sonja Schenkel, PhD

Co-Director, Founder, Paititi Lab – Portfolio

Sonja Schenkel is a scientist and film director. With PhD in sustainable development and an MA in anthropology, she has facilitated  participatory designs process in many countries and several languages. She has also lived in the US, Brasil and Mexico.

As an artist, Sonja also pursues a career in screenwriting and public art. She curates the LearningfromTrees-Blog.

Sonja (formerly Lelandesign GmbH) is a Founder of Paititi Lab Network.



We are currently re-building this site with the full team and portfolio being accessible soon.