Sonja Schenkel,  PhD –  Linkedin



Knowledge Transfer & Innovation Diffusion
Project Manager & Communication Strategist
Monitoring & Evaluation, Sustainable Development

Professional Perspective

My goal is to create a participatory and innovative framework that makes knowledge accessible, operatively useful and culturally sensitive. As a strategist, I regard it as essential to draw a bridge between headquarters and the field. As a storyteller, I integrate science with emotion. As a project manager I strive for impact.


Worked as a researcher and knowledge manager on poverty reduction and private sector initiatives in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Pakistan. She later deepened this experience through her PhD in sustainable development on gender and innovation in conflict, and by partaking in a sustainable consumption initiative launched by the German Ministry of Education. Sonja Schenkel has ample hands-on experience in international contexts covering cross-cutting issues in sustainable development as a cross-media producer and participatory design specialist. She concluded her PhD at IHEID, Geneva and a Masters in Social Anthropology at UNAM, Mexico and University of Zurich.

Sonja is a Founder and Curator of Paititi Lab Network