EGP – A Climate-Resilient Economy in the Amazon

Knowledge Sharing, Program Design and Coalition-Building

Role: Co-Founder and Project Design El Gran Paititi (EGP)

  • Proposal and Network building
  • Design of Knowledge Transfer & Impact Strategy
  • Coalition Building with 15 NGO’s, Government Institutions and Universities
  • Negotiations with Key Partners in Latin America
  • Producer of Project Trailer in English and Spanish



More about El Gran Paititi:

– A Climate-Resilient Economy in the Amazon

“Paitití”, better known as El Dorado, refers to a mystical Inca treasure lost somewhere in the Amazon rainforest. It represents a place of economic, cultural, and spiritual wealth, yet to be discovered. We believe that this is more than a legend. The El Gran Paitití Project seeks to uncover this treasure, by engaging the public into a vision of a balanced co-existence with the Amazonian forests.

The El Gran Paitití Project incubates resilient communities and resilience partnerships in the Amazon rainforest. Such resilient economy is both people and forest-friendly, given that deforestation substantially increases vulnerability and disadvantages in coping with climate change.

What we do, is to gather evidence on existing solutions in sustainable land use and forest management that serve both humans, nations and the forest. These solutions are then transferred into entrepreneurial seed projects and a national dialogue around an innovative narrative of Amazonia.

The project is aimed to be scalable, starting with Bolivia as an initial case.

Categories: Citizen Design, Film

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