Beyond a Dollar a Day – The Private Sector and Poverty Eradication

Research and Relationship Building

Service: Commissioned long-term project (1.5 years)

  • Desk and extended on-site research on poverty eradication and the private sector,
  • Relationship building with partners worldwide (focus: Peru, Pakistan, Mozambique)
  • Prepare and lead crew visits
  • Lead and/or translate interviews in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Direct parts on Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Topics covered in Research

  • Micro-Credit: Micro-credit institutions in Peru including top management, micro-credit recipients in poor outskirts of Lima and Lago Titicaca, NGO’s working with Micro-Credit & Empowerment
  • Property Rights & Land Titling: Interview with experts in Peru, on-site visits to people involved in land tilting processes in the outskirts of Lima
  • GDP & Natural resources: Interviews with experts on GDP calculations and natural resources exports in Peru and Mozambique
  • SME’s: Small and Mid-sized Enterprises in the Cashew-nut Sector in Mozambique
  • World Bank: Large Worldbank investment in Mozambique
  • UN Millenium Villages: Exemplary UN Millenium Village in Mozambique
  • Women Empowerment/ Public Private Partnerships: Women empowerment partnership between a private sector company and UNDP
  • Multinationals and Traditional Entrepreneurs: Featuring the milk sector in Pakistan
  • Technology in Africa: Outlook on digital technology impact in Africa

produced by Ecodocs and Docmine / Shown on BBC World

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